Business education for women entrepreneurs

Business education is not accessible to all segments of the Peruvian population. Often, only those who are socioeconomically better off come to learn how they can better run (or build) their business. With the aim of providing business education to low-income women entrepreneurs, Help Peru has supported the Escala business school since its creation in 2019.

The first cohort of 50 students graduated in December 2019. Over 70% of the students were women. Since then, the curriculum and network have provided hundreds of women with basic business education and given them the tools to build the futures they want for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Initially, the school was established in Pachacamac, site of the ancient pan-Andean pilgrimage center. During 2020, the program went entirely remote, allowing it to escale. And, in 2021, 4 Escala schools kicked off in Peru, welcoming over 200 students. It has been inspiring to see Escala graduates tackle the hardships and uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic and keep their businesses alive using what they’ve learned in these schools, including critical resiliency-building skills.

The business school is an initiative of the eponymous non-profit organization: ESCALA (formerly the Sustainable Preservation Initiative). This organization creates economic opportunities by giving communities the tools to be self-sufficient, leveraging their historic sites and cultural heritage responsibly.

Learn more at www.theescala.org.