Complex surgical care for kids

Objective: To offer complex surgical care to low-income children and families

Children with craniofacial abnormalities from low-income backgrounds are rarely able to receive treatment. Help Peru has partnered with Komedyplast, an American nonprofit provides extremely complex surgical care to kids with such abnormalities.  Komedyplast makes an annual medical trip to Lima perform surgery on 15 to 17 kids, depending on the complexity of the cases. Help Peru partially covers the cost of the trips and provides support with the logistics.

Komedyplast is led by world-renowned surgeons Jeffrey Weinzweig and Peter Taub. Their organization has operated over 150 Peruvian children since its first mission in 2005.  While in Lima, the Komedyplast team leverages the facilities at Hospital del Niño and provides specialist training for local doctors. Komedyplast receives the support of Caring Clowns International.

Learn more at www.komedyplast.org