Startup support for social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is flourishing in Peru. Nowadays, many companies seek to solve the social and environmental challenges that affect Peruvian communities. In order to support this sector, Help Peru has joined the efforts of Kunan, a platform that promotes the ecosystem of social and environmental entrepreneurship in Peru.

Kunan integrates and promotes synergies between the different actors, public and private, that seek to promote social entrepreneurship in Peru. Founded in 2014, it organizes an annual competition (The Kunan Challenge) that recognizes the most impactful organizations in social entrepreneurship. Winners receive economic support, training, legal advice, media exposure, and access to the Kunan network. Help Peru is one of the main partners of the Kunan Challenge.

In 2020 the winner of the Kunan Challenge was Recidar, an initiative that gives new life to used objects. Recidar works toward a circular economy by picking up objects ready to be discarded. Then, they sort and fix them and resell them in charity sales. Their work reduces the amount of trash generated and creates dignifying shopping experiences for low-income populations.

To learn more about Kunan, please visit www.kunan.org.pe