Skills programs for youth displaced by floods

Mosaico is a social laboratory that designs experiences for social transformation in order to generate unity and compassion in Peru. Help Peru finances the Comuna project in Cura Mori (Piura).

Comuna articulates innovation and solidarity networks made up of public, private and civil organizations to jointly intervene in a targeted geographical area in favor of a population in high need.

Piura was the region most affected by the 2017 El Niño phenomenon and Cura Mori the second most damaged district in the department (20,500 affected and 1,500 displaced families). Cura Mori houses 1,500 displaced and relocated families who continue to live in tents, without permanent basic services, without access to health services and with few opportunities for training and employment. Because of this, Comuna will intervene in the district for a period of 6 to 10 years, beginning the intervention with a leadership and entrepreneurship program aimed at youth and women. The objective of Comuna is to make the 1,500 families in the shelters trust their abilities and lead sustainable ventures in favor of their community.

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