Oxygen concentrators for Covid-19 patients

In April 2021, as the second wave of the pandemic hit Peru, there was a dire lack of oxygen. There was 200% rise in oxygen demand (with no increase in the supply); family members waited in line for days to get a tank refill; an oxygen black market emerged, and  the prices skyrocketed.

At Help Peru, we started as special campaign in order to purchase oxygen concentrators, which provide an infinite supply of oxygen  as long as they are connected to electricity. The 100 concentrators that our donors generously funded were loaned to Covid-19 patients with an oxygen therapy prescription.  They used them for as long as necessary so they could recover at home, given that the hospitals were at capacity. The Peruvian charity Asociación de las Bienaventuranzas, in Lima, is our partner for this project and has been lending the concentraros to the people who have requested them. 70 oxygen concentrators stayed in Lima, while 30 went to Piura (north of Peru.)

Only between May and July of 2020, the 100 concentrators had treated 240 patients at home. Only 26 of them required hospitalization. Unfortunately, 19 patients passed away. The concentrators are still being borrowed by Covid patients and keep helping people every day.