Clean water for rural areas

Objective: To provide clean water to rural communities to improve their nutrition and overall health.

Potable water is at the base of good nutrition. Even nowadays, many communities in Peru drink unsafe water. This has serious implications on their health, sickening the population often, hindering the absorption of indispensable nutrients, weakening them and preventing them from performing well in school or work. Clean water transforms lives. Access to clean water improves personal well-being, increases health, reduces poverty and increases opportunities for education and employment, contributing to the overall advancement of individuals and communities.

In order to bring this live-changing improvement to rural communities, Help Peru is partnering with Stitching Andes (formerly known as Things4.life). This nonprofit organization provides water filters and hygiene training in Peru. Our partnership has provided safe water & hygiene kits for 59 health centers, 8 schools, 1 orphanage and 54 families in rural Cusco. This gives 1,957 people access to potable water on a daily basis. More details about this shared project here.

Learn more about this organization at www.things4life.com.pe