Our Impact


Our Mission: to build a better future for Peru’s most vulnerable populations

Help Peru was formed in 2013 by a group of Peruvian professionals living in NYC who, wanting to give back to their country, created an organization that would provide opportunities for disenfranchised Peruvians for generations to come.

Our Purpose: To create a more healthy, equitable, and educated society while protecting the environment.

Our Approach: Help Peru works in partnership with local leaders and community
organizations to develop, grow, and support sustainable programs that advance our mission.

Help Peru, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in New York (EIN 463952163), and is an associate, in Peru, of Asociacion Civil Help Peru (tax ID/RUC 20601439876).

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3,000 direct beneficiaries

in 2023
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125,000 indirect beneficiaries

in 2023

in 2023

  • Broadcasted

    60 community radio programs on youth entrepreneurship, health care, gender
    equity, and women’s’ empowerment in 15 amazon basin communities.
  • trained

    240 youth in small business development (60% female); 30 outreach promoters in
    community healthcare; 105 families in nutrition and educational support for children
  • Improved

    the scientific inquiry skills of 800 children & youth
  • Developed

    190 student leadership projects
  • Reforested

    1,000 native tree species
  • Revitalized

    a agricultural nursery allowing for 10,000 native species to be planted annually