Children empowerment to care for the environment

Objective: To empower children to be agents of change against climate change and care for their environment

Empowering the next generations to understand climate change and the importance of preserving the environment is something that can be done in school. But learning to care about the environment comes organically when children can be part of the nature they are learning to preserve. Entrusting kids and youth with green or natural areas allows them to raise life and biodiversity. They play, learn and undertake, generating well-being for other people and nature. This is the purpose of the TiNis (from the Spanish “land of girls, boys and youth”). These small pieces of land are now part of most public schools in the country, in urban and rural areas, and in various ecosystems. The TiNi empowers the children and youth as agents of change, generating in them knowledge, skills and values in favor of life and nature.

For the past 5 years, Help Peru has partnered with the local nonprofit ANIA to bring TiNis all the corners of Peru. ANIA seeks to raise social awareness of climate change and sustainable communities from an early age by empowering children with tools to responsibly take care of their natural environment. ANIA develops partnerships with families, schools and government to ensure that land can be set aside for the permanent care and cultivation by children. At the same time, ANIA creates safe spaces where children can grow with the liberty to learn about artistic expression, sustainable management of resources, crop raising, family importance, recycling, among others. ANIA is a truly interdisciplinary project that seeks to include as many actors and community themes in order to build sustainable communities.

Learn more at www.aniaorg.pe