Amazon reforestation

Objective: To reforest areas of the Amazonas and San Martín departments with native trees and to protect forests against illegal logging.

The Ojos de Agua Conservation Concession (2,400 hectares) is an initiative created by farmers who own natural agricultural plots in the Amazonian department of San Martín. During 2021, this project will help conserve the 1000 seedlings of the native species “quinilla”, planted between 2019 and 2020 in Ojos de Agua. An additional 500 trees will also be planted and monitoring and surveillance of the forest will continue. The project has enabled 2,000 trees to be planted and cared for during 2018 and 2020. The community that leads the project has managed to reduce illegal logging in this area to 0% in the last 2 years.

During 2021 as well, 1,000 native trees will be reforested in the department of Amazonas, in the San Pablo Communal Private Conservation Area (ACP) – Catarata Gocta (Tropical Andes). This project attracts local fauna and generates a positive environmental impact in the area, on the route that leads to the Gocta waterfall.

For these reforestation projects, Help Peru has partnered with Conservamos por Naturaleza, a platform created by the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law that supports voluntary conservation initiatives, promoting alliances and actions to support nature protection.

Learn more at www.conservamospornaturaleza.org