Scholarships for high-potential children

Help Peru provides scholarships to 40 kids to participate in the Peru Champs program and attend Innova schools all over the country. Peru Champs identifies and empowers children from low-income families who have high potential in academics, arts or sports and covers 75% of their tuition at Innova schools, a local chain of schools that provides a world-class education. The program also has a leadership component, which includes mentoring, workshops, and career guidance. These students also learn the necessary skills to become future leaders within Peru. Champs are chosen via a rigorous selection process, in which only 10% of applicants are selected.

During the pandemic, all of our students have had uninterrupted education online. The program has adapted to provide wifi connectivity, subscriptions to videoconferencing software, or even devices where needed.

Learn more at www.peruchamps.org